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Google Page Rank Dead, Now What?

pagerank-deadWell its official, on Monday, March 7, 2016, Google officially removed the Google PageRank scores. If you are a Seo like me, this is extremely frustrating since PageRank was an important way to evaluate the trust/authority Google placed on the domain. The score was evaluated between PR 0 – PR 10. The higher the PageRank (PR) the higher Google trusted that domain. Now, RIP Google PR. Its over. Its done. Well, you get the point!

So if you’re a website owner or webmaster and wondering why your website has been on PR 0 for the last few days while you checked with different PR Checker tools you have been using, today you have your answer. The last Google Toolbar PageRank update was on March 7th, which essentially removed the useful data used by many external tools Seos used. Some experts suggested that the PageRank ruined the internet in the first place. Maybe so, but I know one thing for sure, it will change significantly the Seo world. Well, for those like me who used PR as a way to evaluate the authority of a website.

Google will continue to use PageRank internally and their tools are way more complex than it was externally.
When you explore the webmaster forums, you see comments of webmasters who don’t really care about this update, however there are those who do. And if that is you, your next question will be, what’s next? Now that the PR Toolbar is shutdown, how do I evaluate the level of trust Google places on website domains? How do I make sure the links pointing to my website are good quality links and not harming my reputation and ranking?

The following are suggestions but not complete.

Keep doing good On-Page & Off-Page optimization, keep writing good, fresh, quality, useful content that add value to users if you build quality content, people will want to link to you.. Continue to be relevant and educational in your niche/industry. Make sure the technical side of your website like speed; mobile friendliness; web security stills stays a priority for you. Stay far from spam sites and create posts, articles, videos and pages that the Social Media world will want to share and like. If your a business owner then you want to include your company in a local directory like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowpage and Discover-Ottawa.

You can still evaluate the quality of a site by its content, how old is the domain, whats the traffic like on Alexa, whats the Social media interactivity with this page ect…

These are examples of what you can do to help optimize your website for maximum results.

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