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Canada Seo – 3 Search Engine Optimization Approaches for the Serious Business Owner

When the world was introduced to the Internet, it was enough to simply overuse a keyword to achieve a high search ranking and get a large amount of traffic. However, as the Internet has become more integrated with daily life and over saturated with information the field of search engine optimization has grown immensely as it takes a lot of work to get noticed on the web. Canadians who owned a business website could easily rank a website simply by over optimizing their webpages.



However, as it can be hard to just jump into search engine optimization tactics given the wide variety of topics and techniques you may be confused as to what you can do and what you may want a professional’s aid with. To help Canadian businesses out, here are three of the most common search engine optimization tactics for Canada’s top businesses so that you can discern if you have the time and talent to handle them yourself or if a professional SEO marketer may be best.

3 Seo approaches for Canadian Businesses


SEO Canada is complex. The best content is relevant and makes use of properly placed keywords in order to attract search engine spiders. There is a delicate line between how many times a keyword phrase should be repeated, so you can either do your research or experiment until you get it right. Of course, the other option is to hire someone for your content based search engine optimization.

Back links

Back links are an excellent way to spread the word about your website and help improve your search ranking since the more websites that reference your website the higher search engines will rank the authority of your site. However, in order for back links to be effective you need to post to forums, blogs, and websites where the primary topic is the same topic highlighted on your website. Additionally, you will want to place your keywords in the submissions.

Article Submissions

Article submissions are one of the top ways to spread back links that bring more instant results than other forms of search engine optimization. However, you will have to handle writing the content on your own keeping in mind that your keyword phrase needs to be placed evenly and coherently throughout your articles for the best results. Also, each submission needs to be unique or you will suffer a negative reaction on your page rank and thus traffic.

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