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Top Threats to Ottawa Business Reputation & How to Protect Brand Reputation

Top Threats to Ottawa Business Reputation & How to Protect Brand Reputation

If you own a business in Ottawa, it is essential to maintain your brand credibility due to the ever-increasing competition. One of the major keys to achieving this is by maintaining your hard-earned business reputation. Brand reputation is so crucial today and you can’t afford to neglect this.

However, your brand reputation extends far beyond Google reviews, Social Media Reviews or the services and products you offer to your clients. Today, we face another challenge to Brand reputation. Threats from all types of insecurities particularly the cyber attacks are a big hindrance to achieving positive outlook for your company. You can go over and above for your customers and still come short because of the vulnerabilities that you may have on your computer or website server. Once a hacker has access to client passwords, email exchange, credit card info or customer files, your brand reputation is also his. Therefore, it’s only wise to invest heavily in security measures for your business in order to safeguard its reputation.

Essentially, a positive reputation contributes to an increase in clients, number of employees, reputable references, not to mention that your clients will continue to do business with you in the future. Whereas measures such as improving quality of products and services contribute to safeguarding the corporate’s reputation, it is improved security that plays a greater role in this regard. This study focuses on some of these threats like infrastructure, devices, SaaS, and identity and how to counter each one of them.


One of the services that offer great potential for rising businesses is public clouds. It presents quick applications access, services, plus environment for higher developments. However, this presents another threat because the clouds are provided and managed by stakeholders who are not part of the business. Measures that can be put in place to counter any security challenge include:

  • Frequent monitoring of access to workload and the security policies put in place,
  • Identifying deviations from security policies and highlighters of any compromise,
  • Deploying up to date security controls that befit the cloud environment.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

In any business set up, employees will always be using applications provided there. These applications are convenient and have a wider presence providing easy and quick adoption of information and sharing of it. However, this creates a loophole where vital security and private data may make its way to the public cloud without knowledge of the stakeholders. Measures such as applying management of rights, identifying the unsanctioned applications, containing, classifying and encrypting of data may be put in place to tighten the security of the business information. Also, the business management should always be notified of any unauthorized access to data and can subsequently wipe the company’s data remotely.


Gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones form a network perimeter but they are also the weakest links for any business. This is because they easily connect to public networks and may lack efficient protection thus creating endpoints for installation of malware and botnets by malicious hackers. Nevertheless, the company can take the following measures to counter any potential threat:

  • Quickly identifying any endpoint that may appear compromised.
  • Managing personal and company gadgets to ensure classifying and encrypting of data is done.


Despite investing heavily in security measures, the identity of the business may still be compromised through other means, for example, a phishing attack. When a worker clicks on a phishing email, it gives the attacker a foothold in the company’s network. This gives room for the hacker to impersonate a company’s a worker and go ahead to search for sensitive and vital information and steal it. However, this can be countered by implementing the following measures:

  • Identifying breaches by via proactive notifications for any network behavior that is suspicious.
  • Augmenting all the passwords by adding more layers for effective authentication.
  • Elevating all the access requirements to be based on the company’s policies and providing risk-based data entrance that is conditional.

Thus for any Ottawa  business, security threats are a common ordeal. However, response methods vary from one business to another. Nevertheless, with up to date strategies for identifying, responding and protecting the business from emerging threats, any company’s reputation remains secure all the time.

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