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Plumbers and Leak Detection Specialists

Plumbers and Leak Detection Specialists

Leaks are never any fun for home and commercial property owners to find, especially when you realize those leaks have been wreaking havoc for months or years. Water damage, mildew and mold, and other issues can become widespread and incredibly expensive, especially when you never knew the issues existed in the first place. Rather than watching your water bill increase or deal with the smell of mold and get no answers, you should consider hiring a leak detection specialist to find those hidden gremlins around your home or building.

Leak Detection Specialist vs. Plumber

Aren’t plumbers and leak detection specialists the same thing? This is a question many people find themselves asking. While both professions do require the same foundational understanding of plumbing installation and repair, the tools they use to do their job are different. Let’s learn a little more about plumbers and leak detection specialists, so you can decide which specialist is right for you.


Most people know that plumbers are the people you call when the toilet is clogged or a pipe has burst or you found a leak in the bathroom; but they can do much more than repair issues with your pipes. Plumbers work in both residential and commercial properties, install new appliances that connect to water lines, perform home inspections, repair hot water heaters, and much more.

Leak Detection Specialists

A leak detection specialist is a plumber with knowledge focused on seeking out leaks, as well as extensive experience with unique equipment. Leak detection specialists are who you call when you think you have a leak but have no idea where it could be.

Leak Detection Tools and Equipment

Households often have leaks from aging plumbing systems, shifting foundations, and other damages that have long gone unnoticed. Because these leaks are not obvious, they can go on for many years without even causing much damage.

Some potential locations for hard-to-find leaks include water supply lines to kitchen and bathroom appliances (toilets, showers, and sinks), or any piping that is behind walls, under the floor, and in the basement.

A slow leak might not seem like a big deal, but even a single continuous drip can wear a hole through a boulder given enough time. That is why leak detection specialists are important, because they have the tools needed to find those hidden leaks and bring them to light.

Specialized leak detection equipment is not something all plumbers carry. The equipment is extremely accurate and uses the latest technology, such as electronic amplification to let the specialist hear where water is leaking or electromagnetic locators that can give the leak detection specialist something like x-ray vision. These tools will bring the professional straight to the source of the leak without fail.

From there, the leak detection specialist will use tools you are more familiar with to swiftly repair the leak in the most economical way possible.

Find and Repair Leaks As Soon As Possible

Locating leaks, especially if you don’t know if one exists, can be difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the water damage to worsen or for your water bill to rise suddenly to learn the truth. While plumbers are great for repairing your pipes, you should hire a leak detection specialist to seek out the unforeseen cracks and dysfunctions in your plumbing system that you would never know about. The faster you repair those water leaks, the better!

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